Saturday, 31 January 2015

Bibigo and Tibits restaurant reviews

Hi everyone,

I've got two restaurant reviews for you this week!

The first is 'Bibigo', which is a Korean restaurant. There are currently two in London, one in Soho and a newly built one in Angel. I went to the new one in Angel with a friend on Thursday. 
The place was spacious and the interior was really pretty and modern. 
Upon arrival all the waiters/waitresses greeted me which is always nice.

The menu was pretty basic and there wasn't a massive variety/choice. I ordered a seafood rice dish. My friend is a vegetarian and unfortunately they didn't have many veggie options! She opted for the classic Bi Bim Bap dish but was pretty unimpressed with the lack of options for her.

The food was basic and quite bland, not what I was expecting for a dish costing over £11.
I'm not sure if this was down to unexperienced staff due to the recent opening or if it was just that branch. (Or maybe me and my friend were just unlucky!)
Either way, I don't think I will be making my way down there again and I give this restaurant a measly 5/10.


On Friday I went to 'Tibits', a vegetarian restaurant with my friend Lizzie. (I should've came here with my veggie friend instead!)
It's located on Heddon Street but I believe it is a chain restaurant.
I've never been here before so I didn't really know what to expect.

It is a buffet type restaurant where you pick up a plate and choose what you want to go on it. Then you go up to the counter and pay by weight. It sort of reminded me of Nandos where you go up to pay instead of there being waiters and waitresses.
It was slightly pricey, however the food was tasty and flavoursome and it really filled me up!
I had a mixture of vermicelli, chickpeas, dal, pasta, couscous and bread. I also got a juice which contained apple, fennel and lemon. It was really refreshing, just what I needed after a long day at work.

The place was really busy and I really liked the lights in there, it had kind of a Asian/oriental vibe to it haha.
I would give this restaurant a 8/10 and I would definitely go again!

Has anyone been to any of these restaurant before? Or any veggie/Korean restaurant recommendations?! :)

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