Saturday, 24 January 2015

15 Things To Do in 2015!

Hi guys,

I've seen a couple of people do this post, so I'd thought I would try my own!

So 15 things I'm hoping to achieve before the end of 2015...

1. Visit 4 or more countries

2. Read 20 or more books

3. Get my ears pierced

4. See the sun set and rise at Primrose Hill

5. Buy and learn to play the guitar

6. Go to a blogger meet up

7. Visit Harry Potter World

8. Go to Up At The o2

9. Meet 5SOS again!

10. Do some sort of photography class/course

11. Spend one day with no electronic device or wifi

12. Do something charity related (i.e volunteering/run/sponsored silence)

13. Go to Mahiki/Chiltern Firehouse or any other really expensive bar/restaurant (haha)

14. Get a polaroid camera and take cute pictures (lols)

15. Meet new people

Has anyone else tried this? Or have done some of the things on my list? :)

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