Saturday, 7 February 2015

New York 2015!


So since the last blog post till now I've been in New York!

I just wanted to tell you all about what i was up to and all the places I visited during my visit.

We went from Sunday 1st to Friday 6th Feb.
Our flight was at 2:15pm on Sunday so I had to get up at around 9am to go to Heathrow, London.
The flight was around 7 hours and I watched 3 films on the plane. (If anyone wants to know, I watched Men, Women & Children, If I Stay and Paddington :P)
When we got to JFK airport it was around 5pm.
We headed in a taxi to the hotel where we unpacked our cases and freshened up a little.
We didn't really do much on the first day tbh, we just walked down the shops on the Upper West Side of Broadway. 

Our hotel
On the second day, Monday 2nd Feb, we headed to the Hudson River and Times Square. The Hudson River was quite near us so we walked down and saw lots of dog walkers on the way. The dogs were wearing shoes!!! From there we made our way down to Times Square. It was snowing quite heavily on this day and the roads/pavements were really slushy! It was a pain going from one side of the road to another. So we took the subway instead, it woulda been nice to be able to walk the whole way there passing through Broadway and seeing all the theatre show buildings. But it would've taken us like half a day to walk it haha.
We went into different shops and walked down to 5th Avenue too.

Overlooking the Hudson River!

On the third day, Tuesday 3rd Feb, we went to the American Museum of Natural History. We spent 4 hours there! It was really big! My favourite part was floor four where all the dinosaurs were haha.
We then went to Central Park for a while and it was so pretty in the snow! After that we headed down to Macy's and walked down the shops around 34th Street and passed the Empire State building too. It was a long day of walking!

Central Park looking all pretty in the snow!
On the fourth day, Wednesday 4th Feb, we headed further downtown to NoHo, Soho and Chinatown!
We did lots of shopping in NoHo; Superdry, David Z etc. We stopped for lunch at Wendy's and then we went into Chinatown for an early dinner. The Chinatown there was so much bigger than the one here in London!

On the fifth day, Thursday 5th February, we went down Broadway to the Lincoln Centre and The Julliard School. There was a gift shop that was selling cute Julliard merchandise. Our flight back to Heathrow was at 7:30pm so we didn't have much time to do anything else on that day. We took a taxi to the airport at 2:30pm. Our plane landed on Friday early in the morning.

The Lincoln Centre
I practically went to bed around 9pm every night as I hadn't really adjusted to the time zone! I still haven't adjusted back to the London timezone! I feel like I'm somewhat inbetween the two at the moment haha.

I definitely could've stayed in New York another week or so as there was so much to do and not enough time! I still need to go the the Rockerfeller Centre, the 9/11 memorial, Statue of Liberty...... Ahhhh.

Anyway, I had a really awesome week and I'm looking forward to my next adventure!

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