Saturday, 1 November 2014

Online/Independent Clothing/Jewellery Sites that I have discovered!

Hi guys, I thought I would make a little blog post on all the independent websites I have come across recently within the past few months that I think you all might enjoy!

The first is MADE fashion, run by Olivia Drury. This has personalised and unique clothing pieces with a small price tag. The likes of Cara Delevigne have been spotted in a personalised jumper!
I purchased my jumper with my initials 'UC' on it. You can choose from either navy or grey with red or navy lettering. It came in a cute packaging finished with ribbon and a label. The website is

The second independent store is Literary Emporium, run by the lovely Rio. She makes jewellery and stationery based around works of literature. I have a couple of pieces from this store as I love it so much! Everything is so unique! You can either buy from 'notonthehighstreet' or 

The third is Fashion Union. I would describe this as similar to 'Missguided or Pretty Little Thing' and has killer clothes to suit every type of girl. The clothing is affordable and in line with the fashion at the moment. I haven't purchased anything from there yet but watch this space! You can find their stuff at 

Other stores I would recommend would be: Thrift Store, Fawn Clothing and Revolva Vintage.

Any other sites/shops you would recommend? :)

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