Saturday, 22 November 2014

Albums Reviews/Top Picks this Autumn

There are a couple of albums that I have fallen in love with that I want to share with you all!

The first is Taylor Swift's - 1989! Most of you have probably heard all the songs by now but I am literally obsessed with them all at the moment! Each song is so unique! I think 'Wildest Dreams' sounds like a Lana Del Ray song?! Is it just me? The style and tones makes it sound like a Lana song. My fav track would have to be 'How You Get The Girl'; it's so catchy and upbeat, I love it! A perfect Monday morning song. I didn't buy the deluxe version, so I'm not sure how some of the bonus tracks sound but I'm sure they're all fantastic too!

The next is Pvris - White Noise. I actually found out about them through Instagram and Twitter and I'm glad I did because they are amazing! They sound quite similar to Paramore/We Are the In Crowd. But they are definitely very unique which I like. I love their tracks 'Fire', 'Holy' and 'Ghosts'. Deffo check them out if you get a chance, I think they're gonna get really popular within the next year or so!

Last but not least I have recently discovered 'Morning Parade' and their album 'Pure Adulterated Joy'. They remind me of an old school The Kooks and have a really lovely mellow sound to them. Their tracks are soft but powerful at the same time and they are the perfect soundtrack for a Sunday afternoon! I will deffo see if I can catch them on tour next time!

What do you think about these artists/albums? Any others that you think I should be listening to?
Let me know in the comments below! :)

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