Sunday, 3 May 2015

Spy Love Buy Shoes


Sorry I've been so quiet on here recently! I'm hoping to post  more often from now on!

The post today is going to be on SHOES!

And more specifically.... Spy Love Buy.

Spy Love Buy is an online fashion retailer focusing on affordable everyday shoes from high heels to sandals and they are very active on Instagram, probing customers to use the hashtag #spylovebuy to show off their buys!

I have two pairs of shoes from there now and they are really comfy and exceeds all expectations, I love them.

They ship internationally too!

You may think 'what's so unique about them?'... they use the same distributors as Public Desire and Koi Couture so you may have seen the same stuff floating about on those websites too.

I recently had a bad experience with Public Desire (one shoe was size 3 and the other a size 4!)
But their customer services were more than happy to have the shoes sent back to them free of charge plus a refund, so it wasn't all that bad! I know they had some problems with credit card fraud too, so if you do shop on Public Desire, think twice before doing so!

Here's a selection of the stuff SLB sell and the website link!


JOLT Cleated Sole Platform Chelsea Ankle Boots- £27.95

PETA Flat Chain Pump Skater Shoe- £9.95

KNOCKOUT Wedge Heel Chunky Lace Up Creeper Platform Shoe- £22.95

PERKY Heeled Peep Toe Platform Sandal Shoe- £27.95

Will you be making any purchases? :)

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