Wednesday, 15 April 2015

The Great Wall of China trek with Coppafeel

Hello everyone :)

Long time no speak!

So I've got a quick update for y'all.

In October I'm going to be trekking the Great Wall of China for the breast cancer charity, Coppafeel! in association with Fabulous Magazine.

I am so excited to have been picked, did I mention I will also be going with the boyband Union J?! :)

Coppafeel! is a charity aimed at reminding people of checking their boobs often so you can detect signs of breast cancer before it is too late! It is an amazing charity and I am happy to be fundraising for them!

I'm hoping to do lots of fundraising activities like cake selling, bucket collections, ebay selling etc. If anyone has any suggestions on any fundraising activities then please leave them below in the comments!! I will really appreciate any thoughts or ideas.

For any of your readers who are kind enough to donate here is my online link:
I have a goal of £3,250 so I will appreciate any amount of donation as every little helps!

Speak soon and thank you for your support!
Urika xo

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