Sunday, 31 May 2015

Malta 2015

So I've realised it's been about 3 weeks since I went on holiday and I never wrote a blog post on it! So here it is!

Early May I went to Malta with my parents. We went for 5 days and it was a nice relaxing little break. I've been to Malta before in 2011 with my Duke Of  Edinburgh group and I loved it, so I was really excited to go back!

The capital of the country. This is where the main transport hub/links are. Welcomed with a lovely fountain and further on you will find the parade of shops. We saw the Royal Family's palace too! What I love about this country is that it is so small, wherever you go, you are never far from the sea and sand! We stopped at a lovely cafe for lunch and had pasta and fish and chips.

Valletta city centre
Main street!
My favourite town in Malta. Famous for it's fishing port and boat rides. I love the market stalls there and we bought some nougat and little souvenirs. We had a lovely seafood lunch, it was so cheap! You can walk around the harbour and see the beatiful blue sea! The scenery is so pretty too!

Beautful views
Seafood lunch
Another lovely little town, with lots of shops and restaurants. We had lunch with a view; I'll attach a picture below. It was so relaxing and lovely. There was a shop called 'Aladins Cave', filled with bric'a'brac and bits and bobs, I love how unique and traditional everything in this country is! It is also a short walk away from St Paul's Bay, where you will find another beach!
Lunch with a view!
Bujjiba town
Has anyone been to Malta before or planning to go?! :) x

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