Sunday, 15 February 2015

Lilac Moon Jewellery Review

There are lots of new and quirky jewellery websites out there at the moment and I thought I would post about a particular one called Lilac Moon.

They have cute and inexpensive necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings made from different stones and crystals. Each one is unique as you can never tell how the crystals have been cut. Even though they are not real crystals, it is a cheap alternative to something way more expensive if you want the same kind of look. I would say pricing ranges from about £20-£3.

They also have chokers which are massively in fashion now with the teenage age range. You can pick different stones to dangle off them.

If you aren't a fan of jewellery, then they also have compact mirrors, badges and stickers with their logo on.

Fellow YouTubers and Vloggers; Leanne Woodfull and Helen Anderson are fans!

I currently have two necklaces from there and I hope to expand my collection! 
They comewrapped in bubble wrap for protection then packaged in a little purple drawstring bag.

Postage is fairly cheap around £2 to the UK if I remember correctly and it arrives within 3-5 days.

:) xo 

Galaxy Druzy necklace - £8

Malachite Heart choker - £3.50

Compact mirror, badge and sticker set - £4

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