Sunday, 1 March 2015

#BloggersLoveLFW event

Last week I went to a Blogger's Love Hub gifting lounge event.
It was held at the Hoxton Arches in London.
Upon arrival, we had our names ticked off the guestlist and were instantly plummeted into a mass of people in a tiny room.
There were around 10/11 brands and lots of people.

One of the brands there was called 'Souksy', they create bold, electric, statement pieces of jewellery. It is a highly unique brand that prides itself on the design and material of its products.
You can buy their items from their website here:

Another company called 'Luxsit' were showcasing their range of organic skincare. Luxsit base their products using the finest organic and natural raw materials. These include Nordic plant extract and pure Swedish water to give your skin that extra moisture and vitamin boost. You can view all of their products on their website here:

The final brand that really grabbed my eye is 'Pure Gold Collagen'. They have designed a collagen based drink used to make your hair, skin and nails feeling and looking stronger. It is full of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B6, C, E and Biotin. You can buy it at Boots, Holland and Barrett and other good pharmacies/nutritionist stores.

Anybody else been to a gifting lounge recently? :) xo

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