Friday, 5 September 2014

The Kooks Vevo Go Show

Last Friday I was lucky enough to win tickets to see The Kooks at an intimate gig at the Loft Studios in Willesdon Junction. It was part of Vevo Go Show which holds frequent music events for fans to get up and close with their idols. It was sponsored by Malibu.

When we got in we were greeted with staff who gave us a complimentary pina colada (yummy).
We went round to the stage and we luckily got barrier! However, we were right next to the speakers and I couldn't hear out of my right ear for a good two days ahah, worth it though right?!
They came on at about 9pm and sang songs including Junk of the Heart, Bad Habit, Seaside, Around Town.... They also took it old school and sang Niave and She Moves In Her Own Way! Ahhhhh <3

They kept on looking over at us and even looked into my camera when I was taking pictures. Luke sang to me and my friend stuck out her hand and he grabbed it haha. Peter also had a drink in his hand at one point, looked at me and did that cheers thing where he lifted the glass! I've enever been right at the barrier at a gig before but I understand why people queue hours on end for it now! :P

They ended with 'Westside' and the whole place went crazy! They thanked everyone for coming and headed off stage. 

It was honestly so good to finally see The Kooks live as I have always wanted to since they first burst into the music scene! 

Thank you Vevo and Malibu for putting on a great show!!

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