Saturday, 16 August 2014

Sewyoursoul felt cornershop! UNTIL THE END OF AUGUST ONLY!

Calling all individuals who love wierd, wonderful and wacky things....

 If you live in London you may have heard about the cornershop where everything is made from felt?! Yep, you heard right! A lady called Lucy Sparrow has spent the last 8 months sewing and stitching a whole cornershop of items! From tampax to garden peas! It is a true dedication of hard work and determination. Her company name is called 'sewyoursoul' and I guess that's what she has gone and done!

The cornershop is only there till the 31st August where it will then be making it's way down to Brighton. So if you have time, check out this cool little place it's located on 19 Wellington Row, Bethnal Green, E2 7BB. You can buy products in the shop but you can only take it home with you once the installation has finished! There was a strict no touching policy to mkae sure everything was kept in tip top condition! For anyone that can't make it there, here are some snaps I took during my little visit! :)

Lucy holds sewing workshops so you can learn to make your own! All the info is on her website 

Has anyone visited the little felt cornershop yet or do you plan to? Let me know what you thought!

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