Friday, 4 July 2014

Meeting 5SOS at HMV London - 1st July 2014

I was lucky enough to be picked to meet 5SOS and get their album signed on Tuesday!
I was one of the lucky 300 that got to meet them at HMV's flagship store on Oxford Street.

I won a signing only wristband and although I didn't get to see the band performing an intimate acoustic set, I feel so lucky to have met them at the signing anyway as the demand for those wristbands were so high! (I heard there were 4,000 people that wanted them :O)

We were told to arrive there at 5pm. I thought HMV handled this event SO badly.
There were no instructions on what to do when you got to the store, no specific timings and no extra info.
I started to queue until a lady told me to go to the front to get my name ticked off.
The people infront and behind me had performance and signing wristbands but they arrived late so weren't allowed into the show. They then queued to get into the signing but the security guards thought they had already been in and cheekily wanted to sneak in another time. Everyone was getting to angry at the complete shambles of it and I totally agree, they should've stamped the wristbands afterwards or even taken them away to show that you had already gone and met the band. They then did this later on as I was one of the last to get my CD signed and they started cutting off wristbands once you met them. (A bit late!) HMV should've thought of this earlier and it wasn't thought through properly.

Anyway, when it came to actually meeting the band, I found it very rushed and security was very strict. (Unlike ymas, which was so chilled and we were aloud to hug them!) I spoke to all of them briefly (apart from Luke, won't go into detail but it involves a handheld fan and an inflatable banana ahem ahem mr hood), and Calum said I had a beautiful name..... I repeat...



Holding my signed CD in my hand, I walked out of HMV and there were masses of girls outside waiting to catch a glimpse of them. I felt so lucky to have been picked by HMV.
So in a way, i love you HMV, but you did annoy lots of people and events should be thoroughly planned beforehand (esp if it's something as big as 5SOS!)

Eeek, here's my signed CD :D

Anyway, enough of 5SOS for one day, I'll leave you with this picture (little blurry, sorry!)....
Do you think Michael was looking at my camera?!
Also, any fans of 5SOS here and if so, what's your favourite track from their album?! :)

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