Saturday, 28 June 2014

First blog post! The Breakfast Club in Soho - 26/6/14

On Thursday 26th June, me and a friend went to The Breakfast Club in Soho.
It was my first time there and I had heard alot of good things about it. 
We got there for around midday hoping to go for brunch. The queue was longer than expected and we finally got a table at around 12:40.

The decoration in there was very cute; pacman ghosts and hippie signs. It had a very retro feel to it. Their restaurants are dotted around in London, with one in Hoxton, Battersea, Islington, Spitalfields and soon-to-be London Bridge.

I ordered 'The Big Breakfast' smoothie which was a blend of strawberries, banana, oats and yohurt, honey and milk. It was so filling and I probably could've gotten away with just ordering that for my brunch!

I also ordered the 'Veggie All American' which was a mixture of eggs, mushroom, fried potatoes, veggie sausage and pancakes with maple syrup. I was STUFFED. Everything was so filling.

The bill came to about £14 for me and the good thing about this place was that service charge was not added; only tip if you wanted to.

As the place was so busy, we were slightly rushed at the end as other people were waiting, it did ruin the experience a little as I like to sit and let the food digest for a while before leaving. But I guess the staff weren't to blame for this!

The staff were really friendly too, oh and a little shoutout to our waitress that served us, I'm sorry about the maple syrup incident!! Eeekk (she spilt it all down her dress whilst walking up the stairs!)

The food was good, but I don't think it was worth the 40 minute wait and the rush-ness of it all! I would go again but maybe when it's not so busy! (Is it ever not busy?!)

Has anybody tried The Breakfast Club before? What did you think?! :)

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