Sunday, 22 May 2016

In Our Bones and Stories For Monday album reviews

In Our Bones by Against The Current

A 3 piece pop rock band from New York, I absolutely love this band and was lucky to see them live at London's KoKo a few months back. Three tracks from this album: Forget Me Now, Running With The Wild Things and Runaway were already released pre-album so we were treated to a preview of what the album would be like. This long awaited album was released on Friday and I am already so obsessed with it. As their first official album, it is to an incredible standard; reaching the top ten album's chart in many countries including the US and UK. Catchy lyrics, mellow sounds and rocking beats, this album has a mixture of all. My favourite songs are 'In Our Bones', 'Forget Me Now', 'Roses' and 'One More Weekend' (yes it was hard to choose just one!). 

Stories For Monday by The Summer Set

I saw these guys live a few weeks back and their stage presence and energy is infectious. A five piece, pop rock band from Arizona, now on their 4th album, you can tell how mature these guys have become through their music. They still have that cheesy feel good factor which I love and makes them unique from other bands out there. This isn't necessarily a bad thing; it delves more into the pop side of music that makes this band so enjoyable to listen to. My favourite song from this album is 'All My Friends' by a far mile, I love the catchy tune throughout and the fun, memorable lyrics you can belt out to in the shower.

What albums are you loving at the moment? :)

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