Saturday, 13 February 2016

What's on my playlist?!

1.) Troye Sivan - YOUTH

I am currently loving Troye Sivan's debut album 'Blue Neighbourhood', especially his two released singles from it 'WILD' and 'YOUTH'. Troye first burst onto the scene when he played James Howlett in X-Men Orginals: Wolverine in 2009. He also has a youtube channel where he does quirky videos and has racked up a following of over 3 million.

2.) Coasts - You

"Youuuuuuu, make me feeeeeeel..."
I saw this band live at o2 Brixton Academy last year and since then they have released their debut album.
Their previously released single 'Oceans'  and 'A Rush Of Blood' have been played on Made In Chelsea which received a lot of attention from viewers.

3.) Against The Current - Outsiders

I love this band so much! So happy that I've got tickets to see them at KoKo next month after missing them support All Time Low. They are a band from New York and have just announced their debut album 'In Our Bones' to be released on the 20th May. Their new song Outsiders is amazing!

4.) The Summer Set - Figure Me Out

After rumours of them being on hiatus, The Summer Set are back and they've just released a killer song called Figure Me Out. The lyrics start with "I'm a bit too pop for the punk kids, but I'm too punk for the pop kids, I don't know just where I fit in...". They too, are also releasing a new album called 'Stories For Monday' on 1st April.

5.) The 1975 - The Sound

I love love this band and song! They are such a great band and appeal to anyone!
From 4 Manchester boys, they have stolen the world's heart with their quirkiness and relatable songs.

What songs are currently on your playlist?

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