Saturday, 7 November 2015

Pastel Clouds Jewellery

Looking for affordable, cute and unique jewellery?! Look no further than Pastel Clouds!

Pastel Clouds is a UK based jewellery company, established in August 2013 and owned by Lauren Yung.

The jewellery is cheap; prices range from as little as £2.29 to around a tenner. There are necklaces, rings, bracelet, earrings and even watches.

The designs are based around unique ideas like a pair of scissors (yes they have a scissors necklace!), cat rings, dangly fruit bracelets etc.

They have currently launched their new range which comes in a newer sleeker packaging. You can take a look at the new range here: 

Pastel Clouds have also teamed up with Mind charity, which is a mental health charity to come up with a necklace that reads 'Be Brave And Keep Going'. 100% of proceeds go to the charity and you can find out more about Mind by going to their website: What an amazing idea and contribution!

Will you be purchasing any jewellery?! x

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