Thursday, 15 October 2015

Looking for a nice cocktail bar in Soho, London?

Out in Soho, London? Sick of heading to your local pub or Be At One?

Then check out these 3 cool and kooky bars that will make your Saturday nights a little more extravagant!

Soho Grind

Tucked away on Beak Street at the end of Carnaby Street, this little espresso bar has a cocktail area downstairs. The only downside is that they don't have a bar license (they have a restaurant license) meaning you will have to purchase some snacks. Prices start from £1 so it's not much if your looking for nibbles to accompany your drink. The menu is short and sweet, with drinks priced around £8-9. Although the place is quiet small and dark, it's the perfect setting for a date night.


Situated in an old disused underground station, they have kept this the theme, making it a vintage tube station style. Before reaching the doors to the bar, there's a vintage underground sign post pointing you to the direction of the bar. And a tube style line map to the right of it. A gentlemen roleplays, telling you to 'come in quick and tell no-one'. This bar is top secret after all.
With a range of unique cocktails, you're bound to find something you like, whilst sitting in a Bakerloo line style seating booth. The bar is open till 1/2am on weekdays and until 3am on Saturdays.

The Arts Theatre Club

Want to do some dancing? This is the place! Cocktails in teapots and good music? Win!
Located on Frith Street, it's easy to miss but when you do find it you will be going in for a good night! You can reserve a table if there's a group of you and there is a cloakroom too. This also has a vintage/old fashioned style too which I like. The staff are all really nice and friendly which makes it more enjoyable. Drinks don't come cheap but are lovely! Deffo recommend :)

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