Sunday, 23 August 2015

James Morrison at Wilton's Music Hall - 18/08/15

Last Tuesday I was lucky enough to have tickets to see James Morrison at Wilton's Music Hall in London.

I've been a fan of him since I was about 13, and it was definitely something on my bucket list to see him live one day. You can imagine my joy when I bought tickets and found out the venue is a 300 max capacity!!! 

I went with my friend Nikol and we got there around 6ish. There was already a bunch of people queuing which wasn't surprising. We took a quick McDonald's stop (cheeky!) and joined the back of the queue. 

The doors opened at 7pm and we were quickly let in. The venue is beautiful. It has recently been redecorated but still has that old, vintage feel to it which I love. 

Charlie Straw was the opening act and he had a quick 30 minute set. He was amazing; a very powerful voice and some great tunes. You can check him out here:

Then it was onto the main man! We had a pretty good view so I was so excited!

He started with 'Under The Influence' and mixed it up with old and new songs, including 'Call The Police', 'You Give Me Something', 'Broken Strings'. Newbies included 'Once When I Was Little', 'Heaven To A Fool', 'Demons'. 

Morrison clearly hasn't lost his charm, incredible voice and ability to write amazing music. Each song was perfect and I'm so excited for the new album!

He kept on thanking everyone for coming and told us how he was afraid his music had been forgotten and made jokes that people back in his hometown would mistake him for Chris Martin haha. He was genuinely so thankful for everyone that bought a ticket; what a lovely man!

His set finished at around 10pm and I left with a massive smile on my face and the 13 year old me buzzing inside!

He still has two more London shows to go, however they are both sold out :(

Let's hope his album is out soon and he goes on tour shortly after that!

Look how close we were!!! :D

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