Saturday, 18 July 2015

George Ezra and Flo Morissey at Somerset House

On Monday me and a friend headed to Somerset House to see George Ezra and Flo Morissey for the summer series sessions.

Having finished work at 5 we met up at Temple station at 5:45 and got to the venue around 6.

We were one of the first there!! You can imagine my excitement as this meant there was a high chance of us being at the front!

The queuing system was a little confusing as there were two queues and no-one really know which one they were meant to be in. Turns out there were just two queues to make it quicker to get all of us in. However, I feel like this could have been made clearer by staff there at Somerset House.

Anyway once we were in the queue we had 1 and a half hour to wait. We heard them soundchecking so we already know what songs they would be singing in the evening!

Once 7:30 hit we were aloud in and I literally ran to the front haha (and got told to stop running by a security man oops lol) we got to the barrier!!! :)

Flo Morissey was on at 8 and not knowing what she looked nor sounded like I was pleasantly surprised. She was a very young girl with a powerful voice. She sang songs from her new album that has just come out. Definitely Google her if you can and check out her music.

Then it was time for George!! I was so excited to see him as I've been a fan for ages and this was my first time seeing him live. And being at the front made it even more special.

Dressed in a black tee and jeans. He keeps it so casual yet still seems to capture the attention of the crowd.
He starts off with Cassy O to get the crowd going. He sings lots of other songs from his number one album 'Wanted on Voyage'; Barcelona, Budapest, Leave It Off, Listen to The Man. And he also did his rendition of 'I'll Try', it was a cover he did at a Live Lounge performance months ago and it was so great to hear it live!

His set finished a little early at 10pm. However I was on cloud nine! Such a great evening listening to awesome music!

Has anyone ever been to a Somerset House summer series event before?! :)

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